Emergency Plumbing- What To do When Facing A Plumbing Crisis

emergency plumbing fairfield county, emergency plumber fairfield countyPicture this: you come home after a long day of work and you find the dishes piled a mile high in the sink. Frustrated, you roll up your sleeves and begin to wash. You begin to get in a rhythm and start to get them done fairly fast. However, all of a sudden, you realize that your wedding ring is nowhere to be found. Oh no! Could it have splashed down the drain while you were distracted with cleaning up the family mess? Frantic, you try to reach down with your hand to see if you can fish it out. When that does not work, you grab a utensil and poke down the drain, hoping to catch the ring. That does not seem to work either. It seems like all may be lost. You start to tear up, knowing the value and sentiment that came with that precious ring. All of a sudden, you decide it is time to take drastic measures and force the ring out. As you begin to do that, you hear a hiss and all of a sudden, your sink has turned into a geyser! Oh no! You may have just made the mess even worse. In times like these, what should you do? Here are a few things that may help you out! 

  1. Call the professionals immediately: It does not matter what time of day it is, professionals like those at Fairfield Country Plumbers know how to take immediate action and solve your problem. Because they are specialists, and are experts at emergency situations such as these, they will be able to assist you in not only cleaning up the mess, but repairing the damage that you may have caused the pipe. 
  2. Keep calm: In times like these, remember that panicking is not an option. If water has gotten everywhere, do your best to clean it up with towels and other supplies. Move your belongings that may have gotten in, or may possibly be in the way of the splash zone. It is important to have your wits about you and do your best to take care of the mess until the professionals arrive.
  3. Time is of the essence: Water damage is no joke. If water stands for a long period of time, it can cause more damage and be more expensive to fix. Water damage can also lead to mold, which is a big health concern. Besides being gross and unfriendly to the nose, mold can spread spores that can lead to harmful health problems. It is very important that you try to keep the water from spreading, and then allow the professionals to come in and completely get rid of the water, even in places you may have missed. 

When the professional emergency plumbing crew arrives, make sure to stay out of their way. That will help to ensure that both you and your belongings are safe and they can do their job properly. Once the initial damage is taken care of, I am positive that they will be able to find your lost ring for you. And maybe in the future, call the professionals a little bit faster, to avoid emergency disasters! So what are you waiting for? Call the professionals at Fairfield County today! 


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