Can “Hard Water” Damage My Home?

Hard water can cause faded laundry, spots on glasses and flat, dull hair. But if can also be harming your Fairfield County home. When water passes through the water table, it picks up considerable amounts of minerals like magnesium and calcium. The mineral content 1) varies geographically, 2) isn’t really dangerous to human health, but 3) it does cause damage to pipes, fixtures and appliances. 

Mineral deposits from hard water, also known as scale deposits, are often responsible for clogging pipes. When hard water is heated, a certain amount of water evaporates, causing the minerals suspended in it to precipitate. This solidified scale (or limescale) can then accumulate. As scale builds, it gradually restricts water flow and decreases the efficiency of multiple systems: your pipes, water heater, washing machine and dishwasher.

These accumulations can cause major troubles all throughout your plumbing system, from low water pressure to a complete failure of an appliance. Certain plumbing materials are more susceptible to hard water clogging than others. This problem is most pronounced in steel pipes. While copper, PVC and PEX pipes are more resistant to hard water buildup and corrosion, eventually they can still get clogged or completely blocked by scale deposits. We at Fairfield Plumber want to help you avoid these types of problems. 

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Fixtures Harmed By Hard Water

Though the scale buildup in pipes occurs out of sight and out of mind until a problem crops up, you can readily see it in other places around the house. One of the most visible places is on shower heads and faucets, where it can restrict water flow if it gets bad enough. 

Glass rinsed in hard water may become cloudy and develop difficult streaks. You can also see the residue in coffee makers or kettles. Hard water can actually do permanent damage to glass by etching it, and this is often seen on glass shower doors that never seem to entirely get clean no matter what products or techniques are used.

Hard water may also cause laundry to be more scratchy and dull than you are used to. Over time, scale deposits around seals in both washing machines and dishwashers can also create leaks.

What is the Solution in Fairfield County?

When hard water damages your plumbing, you have two main options to change the incoming water: installing a water softener or a reverse osmosis water treatment system

But to repair the damage done to the walls, floors, cabinets and ceilings of your home, you need Fairfield County Plumbers. If scale buildup has caused a leak or appliance failure, or if you have standing water in your home, you need to call a plumber now. Fairfield County Plumbers realizes that it is not your fault that you had an after-hours emergency; you shouldn’t have to pay an extra penalty for it. You will simply pay for the products and services needed to repair the problem.  

Contact us to get immediate emergency help from a plumbing specialist and help keep your family and possessions safe. As emergency plumbers, they understand the importance of  responding quickly; even a few minutes can significantly increase the damage to your home.


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