How do you prevent pipes from bursting unexpectedly in Fairfield County, Connecticut?

The average fifth grader could probably tell you that unlike most substances, water expands instead of contracts when it freezes. This has many handy implications. For example, lakes that would otherwise freeze over are covered by a layer of ice that insulates the rest of the water and allows it to stay unfrozen and support various life forms. Nifty, huh? The not-so-handy implications of this life-saving fact are that the pipes inside your home carrying sewage or drainage may burst as a result of the pressure of the expanding water when it gets cold outside. In addition, rusty pipes, hard water, and errors in installation can all lead to bursting pipes, even when it is warm and sunny outside! We at Fairfield County Plumbers know how much bursting pipes can truly rain on your parade when you least expect it.

Natives of Fairfield County can be smarter than fifth graders by taking simple precautions to prevent bursting pipes. What are they?

  1. Pay Attention. Know the signs of worn out and weakened pipes. Stains on the wall, lower water pressure that you are used to, or water coming out of the tap discolored can all be signs that your pipe is at high risk.
  2. Insulate Your Pipes – You can purchase foam insulation or heat tape at nearly any home improvement center that will help protect your pipes against the cold. On days when it is especially cold and you worry that your pipes may be at risk, this is a precaution that will lend peace of mind. Though you can install these options yourself, it is best to talk to your plumber before doing so.
  3. Be Sure To Heat Your Home. Especially if you go out of town. You may be tempted to turn the thermostat down, but be sure to leave it at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. After all, even if you save a couple bucks on heating costs, you’ll end up with a way to spend it rather than the hassle if you end up with burst pipes.
  4. Let your Faucet Drip. Allowing a little stream of water through your pipes maintains a bit of pressure, which will lessen the likelihood of burst pipes.
  5. Keep Your Garage Doors Shut! Water Lines located inside cold garages are prime targets for freezing and bursting during the winter.

Sometimes even the homes with the best preparations fall victim to burst pipes. If this happens to you, be sure to call Fairfield County Plumbers. Our team of emergency plumbers is always ready to help. We offer 24 hour emergency services, 7 days a week. Last we checked, your pipes don’t care what time it is; in fact, sometimes we have the sinking suspicion that they burst at times most inconvenient for you! A burst pipe could indicate at best a terrible mess, and at worst structural damage if not taken care of immediately. The last thing you need is another stress. Our team is certified, professional, educated, and experienced. Let us do what we do best!


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