When To Contact Emergency Plumbing

emergency plumbing fairfield county, emergency plumber fairfield countyIf you are a homeowner, you have probably realized that plumbing issues can be a common problem in your own house. When you lived in a rental, you probably didn’t notice how often you needed your plumbing looked at, but it seems like the minute you buy a home, there are problems that crop up everywhere. This is why it is important to have a good plumber in your contacts like Fairfield Plumbers in Fairfield County. They can take care of all your emergency plumbing needs. But how can you tell the difference between an emergency and just an issue? Here are some tips:

Any Leaking Water

If you have ever had a leak in your tap pipes, you know that it can range from being a huge deal to being very minor. It is a good idea to call your emergency plumbing service if you have any leaking water that could be causing water damage, even if the water is clean. If water is leaking from your pipes inside your walls, your walls and plasterboard are all becoming damaged, which will require attention from a plumber, but also may require some attention from a water damage restoration expert, especially if it is in a humid area. You don’t want to ignore a leak and have more damage to your home as well as mold growth.

Black Water

There are different types of water depending on the bacterial and chemical content. Blackwater is the dirtiest water you can have in your home and typically is sewage and often comes from outside flooding. If you ever have any kind of sewage backup into your home, you should call your emergency plumbing line immediately. There can be a lot more damage if you let this water sit, of course, but even being around this water can be bad for your health and even toxic. Do not try to fix this problem yourself, especially if you have absolutely no experience. It is important for the professionals with the correct equipment and knowledge to take over this problem.

Appliances And Pumps

If your sump pump is backed up or your boiler is on the fritz, you might need some emergency plumbing services. It all depends on the severity of the situation, however, if you have an appliance that is leaking or not moving water correctly, it is a good idea to at least call your plumbers. It is difficult to say what will damage your appliance more if you let it sit for a while or if your home is at risk of more damage if you wait. If you are unsure, it doesn’t hurt to call the emergency plumbing line and let them know what problem you are experiencing. They will be able to tell you if it is emergent or not based on your description.


Emergency plumbing situations come up from time to time when you are a homeowner and it is good to be prepared for when they come up. Make sure you know a good plumber at Fairfield Plumbers who you like to work with.


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