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local plumbers norwalk, professional plumbers norwalkWhen it comes to plumbing services in the Norwalk area, you need a local plumber you can rely on. When you first hear that annoying drip, drip coming from the sink in the bathroom it’s time to call in a professional, but you do you call? If you do not have a satisfying relationship with a Mr. or Ms. Fix-It, finding a team you can trust and who can do the job well the first time, without causing you to take out a second mortgage on your home or business, is essential to keeping your plumbing in working order.

Before you commit to a plumber, consider a few tips to help you on the way to finding the right one for you and your Norwalk property.

Word of mouth:

Ask your friends and neighbors who they call for their plumbing needs. Word of mouth referrals are the lifeline for many plumbing companies, so if your friends trust a reputable plumber, or a company’s name comes up repeatedly then that company has most likely worked hard for their reputation. Don’t be afraid to look these plumbing companies up online. You can find some helpful customer reviews on Google and social media outlets.

Do your homework:

If your plumbing issues aren’t urgent, once you have created your short list of plumbers, call them and ask questions…be as specific as you can. Find out if the plumbing company charges by the job or by the hour. This can have a big impact on the price of the repair depending on the intricacies of the job. Your budget will have some say in the team you call, ask good questions. The more questions you ask of a potential plumbing company, the more knowledge you will gain about the specifics of the job, and there will be fewer surprises. Ask the plumber if they carry a copy of their license with them as well as their insurance, so you can determine if they have the knowledge necessary for the job that needs to be completed.

Get the estimate in writing:

Once you have found a plumber you think you can work with, ask to review the contract before agreeing to any terms and get the estimate in writing. The estimate should also enumerate each task or supplies required to accurately complete the job. An experienced, reputable plumber should actually insist on this as it protects them as much as it protects you and your property. Don’t forget to ask whether your new plumber will guarantee the job and for how long the guarantee will last. Confidence in one’s work generally translates to a guarantee and quality workmanship.

Still having difficulty finding a plumber? Or have a plumbing emergency and just don’t have the time to weed through that long list of plumbers? Give Fairfield Plumbers a call! We can help you find the perfect local plumber for your plumbing emergency. Our licensed and insured plumbers are only a phone call away.


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