What To Do In An Emergency Plumbing Situation

plumbing repair norwalk, plumbing emergency norwalkIt’s the situation no one wants to find themselves in, and yet, most Norwalk homeowners do. The pipe is broken. The bathroom is inches in water. The dishwasher is leaking down into the basement.

It’s every Norwalk homeowner’s worst nightmare- a plumbing emergency.

Under the pressure of such a catastrophe, it can be difficult to process through what you need to do to minimize the damage and get your home back into working order as soon as possible. Here are some pointers to get you back on your feet and the water back where it belongs in a quick fashion.

  1. Shut off the water. Take this step the moment you realize you have a plumbing problem. The longer your water continues running despite the issue, the more water you have to deal with, which equates to more damage in the long run. Shutting off the water as soon as possible can save your wallet and save your home from higher levels of structural damage.
  2. Call your water company. Depending on the source of the problem and whether the company is potentially at fault, they may be responsible for sending a plumber. Try and ascertain whether the problem is with the main water line, sewer main, or something similar. When in doubt, call and make sure you’re working with the full extent of information.
  3. Call a plumber, like the experts at Fairfield Plumbers. Do not wait on this step. You’re working against the clock: the longer that water is sitting, the more structural damage that could be occurring, and the more dollars out of your pocket that will be needed to fix it. Many emergency plumbers offer 24-hour service. Take advantage of this and do not wait. While morning may seem like a more convenient time when your bathroom is flooding at an unholy hour, waiting till morning will not result in a convenient repair bill. A fast, efficient emergency plumbing company is the safest way to return you, your family, and your home to its usual state of normalcy.
  4. Call your insurance agency. The sooner you call and inform them of the damage, the sooner they can begin processing your claims. Depending on the type of damage, the amount they will cover will typically vary. It’s best to understand what your insurance will pay and what it won’t as soon as possible so that you aren’t surprised by financial surprises down the road.
  5. Be careful concerning the water pollution levels of your water. If it’s a leak from a clean source, then it’s safe to try and minimize the damage by soaking up water with spare towels while you phone a plumber. If the damage is related to a more contaminated water source, like a sewage line, be cautious. Contaminated water such as that can pose serious health risks and should be treated accordingly.

In conclusion, though emergency plumbing situations are more common than we would like them to be- never would be nice- you can minimize the damage by acting quickly and following these steps. Always hire a responsible emergency plumbing company like Fairfield County Plumbers to ensure that the issue is dealt with quickly and permanently, and best of luck in returning your home to its usual state.


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